Dogan Tribe

Earth from Space

Theoretical physicist Dr. S. James Gates Jr has been studying the nature of reality and concluded that embedded deep within the fabric of space time are bits of self-correcting mathematical structures originally known by the Dogan Tribe of Africa as Adinkra Symbols which are currently being interpreted by a group of scientists in the California desert known as Quantum Gravity Researchers using Quasicrystalline Math (Adinkra Symbols) to interpret the language of inter-dimensional travel by playing with these simulated geometrical shapes on a computer to create higher than fifth dimensional structures (specifically eight dimensional structures called an E8 lattice) that somehow projects a shadow all the way down to our third dimensional reality (think of how your third dimensional self stands in the sun and projects a lower dimensional 2D silhouette on the ground – only with this they are trying to figure out who plays the sun mathematically).

This Dogan Tribe profoundly understood these Adinkra Symbols along with teaching us the astrological cycles known as the precession of the equinoxes which is the galactic calendar of 26,000 earth years. This calendar makes up the well known Zodiac signs of the ages, each spanning the length of 2000 years placing us in the age of Aquarius today.

Simulated Reality – What’s Next?

If humans first discover the principle of reality then we can begin to understand what language this simulated reality is based upon. Allowing us in theory to escape this simulated programmed reality.

But once we escape to a higher reality we will be back at square one trying to determine if that higher reality is really the final base reality that exists. That is why once we understand this level of quasicrystal mathematics we will be able to technically travel inter-dimensionally.

Negativity Virus

As one ages you begin to pay attention to things that happen around you. This has allowed us to survive generations of tragedy, however the contrary is taking place today. The key is knowing what to pay attention to? Although you still have the catch 22 of realizing what to focus on before fully comprehending it?

There’s many a person that has fallen for this trap of not understanding what to pay attention to including myself. So in minor points of feint desperation we reach out to mass media for reassurance that our world hasn’t changed knowing full well infrastructures are crumbling around us.

But we’re rational people, and we know better so is something really making us act a certain way? But what could affect our thoughts at this repetitive rate and still sustain itself? Well various forms of negative thought have been known to be so overwhelming that it consumes an individual’s consciousness placing the victim in an angry blur.

The main point is that negativity feels like a virus at times. Personally every time I motivate myself to do better I’m overwhelmed with thoughts of alternatives. The cool thing is we’re finally able to pay attention to these aspects of thought and ponder their feasibility before letting them go


The path that subtly unites us all is usually the path that’s rarely traveled. To most it doesn’t even exist. So when you stumble off the beaten path onto a higher one, there’s no use in recruiting others to follow you simply because once you’re off the mainstream, you have no idea where you’re headed until you get there.

Technically all we have is our senses with us for most of this life but if we stray onto a path with a higher purpose we have to develop another sense. A sense of intuition. I understand you want to save the world, we all do but evangelizing over some form of truth you discovered will not get you bliss. Much to the contrary, although you feel like the last sane person on this planet you still come across insane to the rest by default.

The secret to inner peace is being comfortable in your own consciousness. A consciousness of little to no structured belief systems. Once you have a belief, you provide it a source of attention. This feeds on your desires until it drains you of all your interest. That is why we get bored so easily. Depending on its strength, this belief takes on its own sustainable reality. It commands a new dimension unto itself which is magnified by the amount of focus others place upon it.

The point remains, what is intuition and how should we nurture it to grow in prosperity? Breaking it down literally means the ability to understand something immediately. Understanding something immediately is a foreign concept to me but I would imagine being in a great mood surely helps to retain any immediate knowledge. Did you know optimistic people have a larger hippocampus area of the brain. This hippocampus is responsible for our intuition and increases in size at the presence of joy. This means staying positive allows your brain’s hippocampus to grow leading to greater intuition which provides enhanced decision making capabilities which eventually result in a better life.

Pilot Wave Theory

Cooking oil droplets in a container being vibrated by a standing wave can be moved to discover the forward and backward trajectories of each droplet. In other words how a droplet floats across the surface can be stopped and even reversed by this standing wave coming from the sound wave of a speaker that was vibrating the liquid container. Putting it simply we can now record the past and future decisions of a droplets reality.

What this means is even though the universe wants you to explore your options our physical ability to change our minds on a given decision diminishes as time passes. The good news is that we can still experience freedom of thought from time to time when we view our daily lives from a different or higher perspective.

What if I’m unable to make my own thoughts because that’s the way I was programmed? Is only one of the many questions that come to mind when I meditate and tool I use to piece apart this reality.

And based on this reality it seems that society flows toward entertainment historically and socially. Which means if we combine entertainment and education across multiple platforms then we’re headed towards an awesome reality.


When someone slips and accidentally travels into a different dimension they physically do not exist here any more. All is left of them is the emotional memories left behind within their friends and families.

I returned from an inter dimensional worm hole that caused me to disappear not just today but over ten years ago as well.

My younger self was found walking a dirt road outside the city when my Dad drove by a nearby highway and saw me walking. He stopped immediately and drove me home. At home was my baby brother playing with a yard stick drawing circles in the dirt when he saw me and began crying.

He mentioned that I had disappeared for days that even our dog ran away to look for me. They found the dog but not me. Nobody knew what happened to me however I still had the memory of slipping dimensions ten years into my future. In other words, I remembered today.

End game

I wonder what the future holds for us as individuals or our population. Even though we’re surrounded by fear based stories we are in fact closer to a peaceful society now more than any other time in history.

Yes the financial markets are dwindling but this was based off an intangible since it stopped backing precious metals and therefore was going to collapse sooner or later. Truth is there’s not enough cash to equal the amount of electronic funds to begin with. But the point still remains that human violence against each other has dropped to its lowest in history, which means that we are more mature as a species now than five hundred years ago.

Now one can argue about wars and chaos at home and abroad but if we separate which of those were caused by political propaganda compared to true detest we find that the former outweighs human hatred for one another almost outright.

I used to watch the movie “Fight Club” growing up and it always left me with a lingering question. If everyone woke up tomorrow with their debts wiped clean would there honestly be chaos on the streets? Eventually people are going to figure out how to do this maliciously. But would they do it to rid poverty or simply just enrich themselves? I would sincerely hope they choose the altruistic approach instead.

In the end it all comes down to control. Those who have it want more, and those that need it stay helpless. No matter the circumstance we can only control ourselves. The moment we try to manipulate others, our energy becomes depleted in the process and eventually people do what they want, that’s how it’s always been. Once we find peace in that, we begin to grow awareness over our actions throughout the day and eventually become more powerful.

Look at our top athletes, their power doesn’t stop off the field. They either harness it for greatness which leads to the hall of fame or misuse it resulting in assault charges or worse. The point is that it’s always within them, every step of the way. This feeling is not a switch, it grows like a tree. Some of us have yet to germinate a seed, but with time that emotional drive for a better life will grow while others around us house a powerful force grown into perfection over years. All I can say is, “I want to be like that!”

Truth is, how much work am I willing to put in. Because hard work pays off every time against talent that skips training. There’s many aspects in life I would like to improve upon, my health, intelligence, confidence and so much more but I just need to succeed in one of those categories. Once I do, I will know the formula to repeat it everywhere. All that’s left after that is to work the formula day after day.

I began writing my thoughts on an end game theory. I guess for me this is just the beginning.

Morphic Resonance

Rupert Sheldrake a Biologist who introduced this theory during the 1970’s at Cambridge, mentions that we don’t store our memories in our head but within a field around us allowing access to instinctual memory across the lifespan of ourselves and that of our family members. This process of memory transference is known as morphic resonance.

Sheldrake dives into detail describing that memory is not usually stored physically, as our brains act more like TV receivers than video recorders, tuning into influences from the past and possibly the future. Therefore biological inheritance may not be coded directly into our genes as much of it depends on the morphic resonance from previous members of our species. This could explain the basic instincts passed on to offspring of every species.

Thus each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and also contributes to a collective memory, affecting other members of the species in the future.

If our memories are stored in a cloud computing metaphor then we can better understand Alzheimer’s disease which reduces the capacity of a person to function with a broken memory. Scientists are treating the direct rejuvenation of damaged neurons of the brain and if morphic resonance were correct we could cure Alzheimer’s by finding a way to strengthen the antennae in the brain that receives functional memories sustaining ourselves into our old age.

All things considered we still have a large percentage of junk DNA. And modern science cannot explain the wasted energy needed to hold onto this over the years. However could this vast library of unaccounted genes be the receivers needed to unlock the powers we have hidden in our subconscious mind?

New day

There is a certain excitement that comes with having a conversation with an intelligent person from another culture. This takes place more often these days and it causes me to wonder if we really are approaching a collective world culture.

There is still fear of a world order that could establish but I digress because an order is a governing factor of a few people in control of the rest. A world culture is a global equalizer that brings people together from far and wide.

Personally, each interaction I have with another person from a distant culture adds to the perspectives that I have gained during this life. With this as a basis, ideas have a greater platform to circulate rapidly around the globe instead of fading away with an individual that only comes in contact with a select few people repeatedly.

This being said, assume that all borders dissolve leading to continent wide intermingling that sprouts this feared single governing system. But again I am unphased. Seeing as though the original system was basically a group of individuals elected to represent the people in times where sending a horse riding messenger to the capitol in order to deliver a message of who to vote for is far fetched when compared to the instantaneous effects of hosting a ballot online with real time secure results on every topic along with unbiased information surrounding each vote leading to educated decisions on whether we fund a school or end up going to war once again.

Taking this concept a step further one would conclude that eventually this could be corrupted similar to everything else in our past. If we could perfect a third party intellect such as artificial intelligence to develop a wisdom of love for life and the planet in a logical sense. We could then relinquish control to this machine in hopes to end corruption and human suffering which we deal with daily due to insufficient resources and health care.

The future is bold, and it may be time for us to maintain a solution based conversation so we can rightfully take our first steps towards existing in a better world.

Dark speed

The speed of light which is also known as a constant in special relativity is the fastest measurable material in the universe, that we know of. The only reason it remains a constant reference point is because we have yet to find anything that travels faster than this. Although if we could measure it, what would be the speed of dark?

This is where Quantum Physics comes in with its theory of dark matter and the rate of movement in its non-clumped state. Dark matter is the substance that permeates our entire universe. What if dark matter is simply a single point somewhere in the universe that travels everywhere simultaneously? If that’s true then this would be a faster measurement than the speed of light.

But what is dark matter and how could it ever travel so fast? The only thing we know of that operates at these speeds is consciousness. If there was a way to link electromagnetic consciousness to dark matter we could then determine its rate of function. By discovering its speed in relation to light we could possibly rewrite the standard model that we are bound by a relative constant and begin working on a plausible interstellar system of space travel to distant galaxies that doesn’t require infinite mass or energy to get there according to our standard model of physics.