New day

There is a certain excitement that comes with having a conversation with an intelligent person from another culture. This takes place more often these days and it causes me to wonder if we really are approaching a collective world culture.

There is still fear of a world order that could establish but I digress because an order is a governing factor of a few people in control of the rest. A world culture is a global equalizer that brings people together from far and wide.

Personally, each interaction I have with another person from a distant culture adds to the perspectives that I have gained during this life. With this as a basis, ideas have a greater platform to circulate rapidly around the globe instead of fading away with an individual that only comes in contact with a select few people repeatedly.

This being said, assume that all borders dissolve leading to continent wide intermingling that sprouts this feared single governing system. But again I am unphased. Seeing as though the original system was basically a group of individuals elected to represent the people in times where sending a horse riding messenger to the capitol in order to deliver a message of who to vote for is far fetched when compared to the instantaneous effects of hosting a ballot online with real time secure results on every topic along with unbiased information surrounding each vote leading to educated decisions on whether we fund a school or end up going to war once again.

Taking this concept a step further one would conclude that eventually this could be corrupted similar to everything else in our past. If we could perfect a third party intellect such as artificial intelligence to develop a wisdom of love for life and the planet in a logical sense. We could then relinquish control to this machine in hopes to end corruption and human suffering which we deal with daily due to insufficient resources and health care.

The future is bold, and it may be time for us to maintain a solution based conversation so we can rightfully take our first steps towards existing in a better world.

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