End game

I wonder what the future holds for us as individuals or our population. Even though we’re surrounded by fear based stories we are in fact closer to a peaceful society now more than any other time in history.

Yes the financial markets are dwindling but this was based off an intangible since it stopped backing precious metals and therefore was going to collapse sooner or later. Truth is there’s not enough cash to equal the amount of electronic funds to begin with. But the point still remains that human violence against each other has dropped to its lowest in history, which means that we are more mature as a species now than five hundred years ago.

Now one can argue about wars and chaos at home and abroad but if we separate which of those were caused by political propaganda compared to true detest we find that the former outweighs human hatred for one another almost outright.

I used to watch the movie “Fight Club” growing up and it always left me with a lingering question. If everyone woke up tomorrow with their debts wiped clean would there honestly be chaos on the streets? Eventually people are going to figure out how to do this maliciously. But would they do it to rid poverty or simply just enrich themselves? I would sincerely hope they choose the altruistic approach instead.

In the end it all comes down to control. Those who have it want more, and those that need it stay helpless. No matter the circumstance we can only control ourselves. The moment we try to manipulate others, our energy becomes depleted in the process and eventually people do what they want, that’s how it’s always been. Once we find peace in that, we begin to grow awareness over our actions throughout the day and eventually become more powerful.

Look at our top athletes, their power doesn’t stop off the field. They either harness it for greatness which leads to the hall of fame or misuse it resulting in assault charges or worse. The point is that it’s always within them, every step of the way. This feeling is not a switch, it grows like a tree. Some of us have yet to germinate a seed, but with time that emotional drive for a better life will grow while others around us house a powerful force grown into perfection over years. All I can say is, “I want to be like that!”

Truth is, how much work am I willing to put in. Because hard work pays off every time against talent that skips training. There’s many aspects in life I would like to improve upon, my health, intelligence, confidence and so much more but I just need to succeed in one of those categories. Once I do, I will know the formula to repeat it everywhere. All that’s left after that is to work the formula day after day.

I began writing my thoughts on an end game theory. I guess for me this is just the beginning.

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