One solution for a failed economy

The economic system in a perfect world is always growing. But how can this be possible in our current capitalistic societies? By which I mean, a capitalistic society as an economic plan based around planned product obsolescence.

However we can still maintain our current way of life and proceed to a much progressive life style by simply changing the engine that drives our current economic system.

Our money supply increases or decreases based on the current interest rates. Those rates are fluctuating constantly due to the turbulence of the stock markets. The stock markets are driven by trade rumors which basically means that the entire American Financial System is driven by national gossip. This is obviously a bad choice for a driving factor when it comes to a nation’s money supply so a better engine is needed.

When one looks at an engine the best facet to look for is self sustainability. What processes can we take to make our economy self sustaining and forever growing. We need to first base our money supply of a tangible commodity that can be easily re-used and not a rumor mill that can be easily controlled.

The one commodity that comes to mind is one that can be dispersed throughout the nation to anyone. That person can in turn take this commodity and duplicate it. The now duplicated commodity can be divided and half can be kept for re-use or re-duplication while the other half is sold for a pure profit, enabling people to basically sit at home and make millions. This will be a constant engine for innovation as more people will rely less on financial problems and more upon human decency.

You may be wondering how such a commodity can be possible. That for something like this to exist it must be a meta-material or anti-matter of sort to duplicate itself over time allowing for a constant re-sale of it’s individual value. Well the answer is simple, George Washington made sure that every American was entitled to it, and any economy could be based off the renewable fashion of hemp seeds.

Not only can you plant it and grow more seeds leaving you an endless supply of money but you can eat it as a source of protein in hunger stricken parts of the country, you can use it to make furniture and even fuel as hemp oil is a strong substitute to kerosene or other alternatives.

It’s only a matter of time until we realize that its too old fashioned to think that money can’t grow on trees.