Step into my time machine

Modern Science has come to the conclusion that our reality is based upon Simulation Theory. So if this is true then is it possible for us to interact with this reality on a deeper scale?

If all life is made up of vibrational frequencies which are the fundamental properties of where we exist constantly in the dimension of both space and time then for example by adjusting the frequency that determines your current location and switching it with another set of co-ordinates, will that allow you to travel time?

What if the source of our body’s vibrational frequencies stemmed from the sacred geometric elliptical shapes from ancient Indian knowledge describing the body’s seven Chakra points. The history from this region describes each Chakra as a spinning wheel, each representing its own spectrum of color rotating at alternate directions from each other and runs down the spine. The operation of these wheels are similar to a spindle as each cog moves on an alternate direction linked by a conveyor belt in the case of Chakras they are spun by what is historically known as the Kundalini Serpent.

I do not know the full extent of how this relates to the physical human body, however we do know that there are at least seven main energy centers that resonate their own specific frequency which then begins to harmonize at the lowest common state which could explain why some people who are constantly happy stay that way because they have grown to enjoy life no matter how little they have which has left no energy, focus or attention on depression which relates to physically cutting off the nerve impulses to this area of the brain. Considering the body’s use it or lose it policy I would suggest that after a considerable amount of time of this uplifted behavior a person could cure themselves from depression while still maintaining their emotional centers that react to sadness and empathy.

Seeing as though we are discussing these energy centers that resonate at specific frequencies could we then extrapolate that these frequencies can be modified by emotion?

What emotion could possibly reflect the physical co-ordinates of your current location be it in life, love or simply your geographic location. What if all these are the same thing leading one to believe that using a higher emotion such as pure joy would catapult that person into a different state of mind manifesting a new geographical or chronological location.

Future communication

As the world rapidly adopts the Internet in places around the globe, the need to properly communicate becomes necessary for everyone surfing the net at some point in time.

We have currently explored multiple media avenues such as text, sound or video to broadcast our thoughts and receive feedback on these ideas by our en-massed friends, colleagues or online acquaintances we encounter daily.

This revolution in conversation has ventured over into the physical communication industry of telephones. Cellphones that feature large screens and quick Internet has put the ability to converse with the world into our pockets.

However with the variety of communication media available there seems to be a popular adoption of communicating via text. This has brought about the benefit of talking with someone without having the compulsiveness to engage in small talk in order to get to the actual point of the conversation. The result of this has created crowd based micro decisions. For example the average college girl who wakes up for class to decide on what to wear, checks the weather on her phone and swipes over to consult her best friend via text. The possibility to accomplish something as random as this would be heresy a mere 10 years ago.

There seems to be an equal usage of most communication media except one. The art of text based messaging has by far surpassed all forms of communication many times over. The benefit to this has been in the amount of data it takes to transmit a text message compared to a video file. By typing out a text message your audience ranges from the poverty stricken third world country hungry baby holding a 25 cent cell phone (current price of an iPhone 4 in the USA is 99 cents) to the CIO of LiverPerson (text based customer service company). Basically your audience opens up the entire planet!

The next logical question posed is what’s next? Where does this open technology finally take us? I would assume that once companies who currently have an online presence gain momentum financially they would logically expand to hire a larger Customer Support Staff. These online chat agents would be the first line of public representation for these companies to the world.

Once a company becomes large enough, so too would the popularity of their customer service departments therein. Seeing as though each chat agent would adopt their appropriate work persona depicted through this online chat interaction with everyday customers, naturally leading to specific customers gravitating to their favorite online personalities.

At that point how long until these personalities grow their audience base to where individuals could get paid different rates based on popularity. However what if they took their entire audience to a different company?

Life simplified

Everything around us is made of light and matter. Our reality, these waves of energy which is the same source of light that empowers our very being.

If this is true then all our lives could be a shared illusion of lights and mirrors, which could be affected by the simple thoughts that determine our positive or negative outlooks on life.

So the next time you’re feeling sad or alone, STOP¬†and realize that by simply changing your mind, you’re not only going to feel better, you’re actually changing the physical outcome of the given situation as well!

One solution for a failed economy

The economic system in a perfect world is always growing. But how can this be possible in our current capitalistic societies? By which I mean, a capitalistic society as an economic plan based around planned product obsolescence.

However we can still maintain our current way of life and proceed to a much progressive life style by simply changing the engine that drives our current economic system.

Our money supply increases or decreases based on the current interest rates. Those rates are fluctuating constantly due to the turbulence of the stock markets. The stock markets are driven by trade rumors which basically means that the entire American Financial System is driven by national gossip. This is obviously a bad choice for a driving factor when it comes to a nation’s money supply so a better engine is needed.

When one looks at an engine the best facet to look for is self sustainability. What processes can we take to make our economy self sustaining and forever growing. We need to first base our money supply of a tangible commodity that can be easily re-used and not a rumor mill that can be easily controlled.

The one commodity that comes to mind is one that can be dispersed throughout the nation to anyone. That person can in turn take this commodity and duplicate it. The now duplicated commodity can be divided and half can be kept for re-use or re-duplication while the other half is sold for a pure profit, enabling people to basically sit at home and make millions. This will be a constant engine for innovation as more people will rely less on financial problems and more upon human decency.

You may be wondering how such a commodity can be possible. That for something like this to exist it must be a meta-material or anti-matter of sort to duplicate itself over time allowing for a constant re-sale of it’s individual value. Well the answer is simple, George Washington made sure that every American was entitled to it, and any economy could be based off the renewable fashion of hemp seeds.

Not only can you plant it and grow more seeds leaving you an endless supply of money but you can eat it as a source of protein in hunger stricken parts of the country, you can use it to make furniture and even fuel as hemp oil is a strong substitute to kerosene or other alternatives.

It’s only a matter of time until we realize that its too old fashioned to think that money can’t grow on trees.

Game theory

Science is on the verge of advancing video game technology to the point where mind spores are possible. Spores that enter the mind via the nostrils and latch on to major sensory portions of the brain transporting the individual’s mind directly into a simulated environment, in other words literally being inside of a video game.

However science has decided to take it one step further and temporarily block off memory centers meaning that once inside the game you will have no memory of your past lives or current real life. All you will be fully aware of is your surroundings and memories created inside the game. Once you the player dies, the mind is returned to a normal state and you open your eyes to the real world only to realize that you have been playing a game for minutes which felt like years inside the game.

Game theory goes on to state that if science is discovering this now, could it be possible that previous advanced civilizations created something similar after curing death, disease and suffering. Leaving them bored as a society, leading to a creation of a game that mimics reality within the added constructs of built in strife as a form of entertainment for the citizens more commonly known as game players.

One final crazy thought, what if we are the advanced civilization that chooses to be in this game we call life, and if every game we play today comes with preprogrammed cheat codes for developer debugging, shouldn’t this game come with cheat codes too?

What are we evolving into?

We are drenched in networks, swimming in cybernetic pulses using apps that are increasingly pushing speech, text and even thinking itself into disembodied states of being. At the speed of a transmitted signal, events now happen simultaneously from all parts of the globe.

Information organically proliferates all around us at exponential rates and shrinking scales, almost as if it were some omnipresent living demiurge breaking out of its own silicone cocoon.

We surf through virtual mini-verses filled with as much questionable ‘dark matter’ as they are driven to expand at accelerating rates. While avatars voicelessly debate the deepest and occasionally the most profound over social media.

Humans reminisce on dreams and update facebook posts that will forever remain a solidified structure of communication gazed upon by ghosts of those who had long since died.

What are we evolving into?

It’s good to disagree

I heard some wisdom last week that got me thinking. It’s more important to listen to people who disagree with you rather than those that constantly agree.

These folks will never encourage you to examine your beliefs for accuracy and diminishes any feedback of idiotic ideas. Those who disagree with you help illuminate the validity of your belief system by enabling a discarding of notions that fall apart under a different light.

In turn constructive disagreement propels those involved towards knowledge, incrementally driving each other to wisdom.