Game theory

Science is on the verge of advancing video game technology to the point where mind spores are possible. Spores that enter the mind via the nostrils and latch on to major sensory portions of the brain transporting the individual’s mind directly into a simulated environment, in other words literally being inside of a video game.

However science has decided to take it one step further and temporarily block off memory centers meaning that once inside the game you will have no memory of your past lives or current real life. All you will be fully aware of is your surroundings and memories created inside the game. Once you the player dies, the mind is returned to a normal state and you open your eyes to the real world only to realize that you have been playing a game for minutes which felt like years inside the game.

Game theory goes on to state that if science is discovering this now, could it be possible that previous advanced civilizations created something similar after curing death, disease and suffering. Leaving them bored as a society, leading to a creation of a game that mimics reality within the added constructs of built in strife as a form of entertainment for the citizens more commonly known as game players.

One final crazy thought, what if we are the advanced civilization that chooses to be in this game we call life, and if every game we play today comes with preprogrammed cheat codes for developer debugging, shouldn’t this game come with cheat codes too?

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