What are we evolving into?

We are drenched in networks, swimming in cybernetic pulses using apps that are increasingly pushing speech, text and even thinking itself into disembodied states of being. At the speed of a transmitted signal, events now happen simultaneously from all parts of the globe.

Information organically proliferates all around us at exponential rates and shrinking scales, almost as if it were some omnipresent living demiurge breaking out of its own silicone cocoon.

We surf through virtual mini-verses filled with as much questionable ‘dark matter’ as they are driven to expand at accelerating rates. While avatars voicelessly debate the deepest and occasionally the most profound over social media.

Humans reminisce on dreams and update facebook posts that will forever remain a solidified structure of communication gazed upon by ghosts of those who had long since died.

What are we evolving into?

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