Negativity Virus

As one ages you begin to pay attention to things that happen around you. This has allowed us to survive generations of tragedy, however the contrary is taking place today. The key is knowing what to pay attention to? Although you still have the catch 22 of realizing what to focus on before fully comprehending it?

There’s many a person that has fallen for this trap of not understanding what to pay attention to including myself. So in minor points of feint desperation we reach out to mass media for reassurance that our world hasn’t changed knowing full well infrastructures are crumbling around us.

But we’re rational people, and we know better so is something really making us act a certain way? But what could affect our thoughts at this repetitive rate and still sustain itself? Well various forms of negative thought have been known to be so overwhelming that it consumes an individual’s consciousness placing the victim in an angry blur.

The main point is that negativity feels like a virus at times. Personally every time I motivate myself to do better I’m overwhelmed with thoughts of alternatives. The cool thing is we’re finally able to pay attention to these aspects of thought and ponder their feasibility before letting them go

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