The path that subtly unites us all is usually the path that’s rarely traveled. To most it doesn’t even exist. So when you stumble off the beaten path onto a higher one, there’s no use in recruiting others to follow you simply because once you’re off the mainstream, you have no idea where you’re headed until you get there.

Technically all we have is our senses with us for most of this life but if we stray onto a path with a higher purpose we have to develop another sense. A sense of intuition. I understand you want to save the world, we all do but evangelizing over some form of truth you discovered will not get you bliss. Much to the contrary, although you feel like the last sane person on this planet you still come across insane to the rest by default.

The secret to inner peace is being comfortable in your own consciousness. A consciousness of little to no structured belief systems. Once you have a belief, you provide it a source of attention. This feeds on your desires until it drains you of all your interest. That is why we get bored so easily. Depending on its strength, this belief takes on its own sustainable reality. It commands a new dimension unto itself which is magnified by the amount of focus others place upon it.

The point remains, what is intuition and how should we nurture it to grow in prosperity? Breaking it down literally means the ability to understand something immediately. Understanding something immediately is a foreign concept to me but I would imagine being in a great mood surely helps to retain any immediate knowledge. Did you know optimistic people have a larger hippocampus area of the brain. This hippocampus is responsible for our intuition and increases in size at the presence of joy. This means staying positive allows your brain’s hippocampus to grow leading to greater intuition which provides enhanced decision making capabilities which eventually result in a better life.

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  1. Between me and my husband we have purchased so much over the years than I’m able to rely. But, the last few decades I’ve settled down to live simpler. Why? Because I was happy to discover how frictionless life can be without bloat.

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