Step into my time machine

Modern Science has come to the conclusion that our reality is based upon Simulation Theory. So if this is true then is it possible for us to interact with this reality on a deeper scale?

If all life is made up of vibrational frequencies which are the fundamental properties of where we exist constantly in the dimension of both space and time then for example by adjusting the frequency that determines your current location and switching it with another set of co-ordinates, will that allow you to travel time?

What if the source of our body’s vibrational frequencies stemmed from the sacred geometric elliptical shapes from ancient Indian knowledge describing the body’s seven Chakra points. The history from this region describes each Chakra as a spinning wheel, each representing its own spectrum of color rotating at alternate directions from each other and runs down the spine. The operation of these wheels are similar to a spindle as each cog moves on an alternate direction linked by a conveyor belt in the case of Chakras they are spun by what is historically known as the Kundalini Serpent.

I do not know the full extent of how this relates to the physical human body, however we do know that there are at least seven main energy centers that resonate their own specific frequency which then begins to harmonize at the lowest common state which could explain why some people who are constantly happy stay that way because they have grown to enjoy life no matter how little they have which has left no energy, focus or attention on depression which relates to physically cutting off the nerve impulses to this area of the brain. Considering the body’s use it or lose it policy I would suggest that after a considerable amount of time of this uplifted behavior a person could cure themselves from depression while still maintaining their emotional centers that react to sadness and empathy.

Seeing as though we are discussing these energy centers that resonate at specific frequencies could we then extrapolate that these frequencies can be modified by emotion?

What emotion could possibly reflect the physical co-ordinates of your current location be it in life, love or simply your geographic location. What if all these are the same thing leading one to believe that using a higher emotion such as pure joy would catapult that person into a different state of mind manifesting a new geographical or chronological location.

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