Dogan Tribe

Theoretical physicist Dr. S. James Gates Jr has been studying the nature of reality and concluded that embedded deep within the fabric of space time are bits of self-correcting mathematical structures originally known by the Dogan Tribe of Africa as Adinkra Symbols which are currently being interpreted by a group of scientists in the California desert known as Quantum Gravity Researchers using Quasicrystalline Math (Adinkra Symbols) to interpret the language of inter-dimensional travel by playing with these simulated geometrical shapes on a computer to create higher than fifth dimensional structures (specifically eight dimensional structures called an E8 lattice) that somehow projects a shadow all the way down to our third dimensional reality (think of how your third dimensional self stands in the sun and projects a lower dimensional 2D silhouette on the ground – only with this they are trying to figure out who plays the sun mathematically).

This Dogan Tribe profoundly understood these Adinkra Symbols along with teaching us the astrological cycles known as the precession of the equinoxes which is the galactic calendar of 26,000 earth years. This calendar makes up the well known Zodiac signs of the ages, each spanning the length of 2000 years placing us in the age of Aquarius today.

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