It’s good to disagree

I heard some wisdom last week that got me thinking. It’s more important to listen to people who disagree with you rather than those that constantly agree.

These folks will never encourage you to examine your beliefs for accuracy and diminishes any feedback of idiotic ideas. Those who disagree with you help illuminate the validity of your belief system by enabling a discarding of notions that fall apart under a different light.

In turn constructive disagreement propels those involved towards knowledge, incrementally driving each other to wisdom.

11 Replies to “It’s good to disagree”

  1. This is where I used to be. If you can visibly see or hear that the other person is upset, not enjoying the conversation, wants out and it is a casual situation you should let it go. There is still a part of my brain that wishes more people who get upset with me would just learn better debating skills, our population in general doesn t understand how to find holes in arguments and that is why we are so easily swayed by lying politicians and media.

  2. That is why neuroscientists who disagreed about whether nerve impulses consisted of electrical currents could measure the same electrical quantities, and agree on the linguistic meaning and the accuracy of observation reports including such terms as potential , resistance , voltage and current.

  3. Interesting point Nagara, I would say look beyond the electrical currents of nerve impulses and combine them with the circulation of the blood through your heart which creates a large magnetic field every time your heart beats. I wonder if this combination of electro-magnetic frequencies could tell us anything about the consciousness around our body?

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