Pilot Wave Theory

Cooking oil droplets in a container being vibrated by a standing wave can be moved to discover the forward and backward trajectories of each droplet. In other words how a droplet floats across the surface can be stopped and even reversed by this standing wave coming from the sound wave of a speaker that was vibrating the liquid container. Putting it simply we can now record the past and future decisions of a droplets reality.

What this means is even though the universe wants you to explore your options our physical ability to change our minds on a given decision diminishes as time passes. The good news is that we can still experience freedom of thought from time to time when we view our daily lives from a different or higher perspective.

What if I’m unable to make my own thoughts because that’s the way I was programmed? Is only one of the many questions that come to mind when I meditate and tool I use to piece apart this reality.

And based on this reality it seems that society flows toward entertainment historically and socially. Which means if we combine entertainment and education across multiple platforms then we’re headed towards an awesome reality.

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